Dispatches from South Africa: Pauline Irvine

Contributor post by Sara Trickett of itswhatiminto

Pauline Irvine is a Cape Town girl, born and bred, she studied graphic design at Stellenbosch University and is the designer and founder of Artymiss,a design studio creating bespoke laser cut stationery.

Pauline creates intricate designs which are laser cut from high quality papers
to make the most amazing cards, wedding invitations and unique paper artworks. See more at artymiss.co.za.


Jan Halvarson


elena nuez said...

Loooooooooove it!

Unknown said...

Wow. Love these lazer cut paper goods. They are so playful. The hot air balloons and circus tents are my favorites!

Emma said...

Ah these are beautiful! They make me want to run away to the circus! There are some such talented creative people out there :)

Art and Chic said...

these are stunning! Great papercut goods! Wow!