DIY Love Heart Messages

Contributor post by Penelope and Pip.

I'm a big fan of secret messages saying how awesome people are when it comes to Valentine's Day and this little project is all about sharing the love with your kids, your flatmates or anyone you love that shares your home.

This little felt pocket works just like a Christmas stocking hanging on the mantle place - pop it on your kids' doors the night before Valentine's Day and fill it with little surprises.

When the kids wake up in the morning it's like Christmas has come in February! Yay!

Let's get started with materials:

  1. Felt scraps
  2. Heart template
  3. Scissors
  4. Wool needle
  5. Stick on letters
  6. Wool scraps
  7. Glue gun

 Step 1: Cut out your heart shapes.

I decided I wanted to add some extra pops of colour so I cut half shapes and quarter shapes to stick on the front of the hearts.

Step 2: Glue your half hearts or quarter hearts on to the front of your front heart.

Step 3: Place your front and back heart together.

Using a blanket stitch, start at one corner of the heart and work your way around until you reach the opposite corner.

Step 4:  Loop your wool over to the back to form a handle and then secure with a knot.

You now how have a little pocket ready for hanging.

Your  kids or flatmates will love waking up on Valentine's Day to a sweet little surprise and a lovely message to say how much you love them.


Rachael is an illustrator from Brisbane, Australia who makes pretty paper goods. You can follow along with her arts, crafts and design inspiration daily on her blog and say hi on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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What a great and easy-to-to idea!