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10 Inspiration | Folkart + Florals

1.  Kerry Cassill Spring 2013 (Via Megan Close)
2.  Hmong Embroidery Bag by Yaya
3.  Floral Headdress via Hello Sandwich
4.  Gypsa Blanket via Thats Happy
5.  Steamer Background via Wed Over Heels
6.  Colourful cacti | From Ezter with Love
7.  Scandinavian folk art | Rie Elise Larsen
8.  Floral door garland | Style Me Pretty
9.  Floral garland } Erica Tanov


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Love the Kantha quilt ! (N.4) But looking at the shop (Gypsa), I really wonder how on earth prices are so low when you consider all the handwork involved ?!! (fully hand appliquéed cushion for 22$ only ?!!!) Sorry, I'm maybe too suspicious.
This said, what a colorful & cheerful selection ! Happy Spring, Jan & Earl !

reread said...

LOvley ... the Micke Mouse Cacti are pretty cool!

Michelle Knight said...

Beautiful post!

gretchen said...

Lovely and so colorful post. I like it!

Simple Chaos by Linnea said...

Love the hanging garland, Linnea

Simple Chaos by Linnea said...

Love the garlands, Linnea

Mary said...

This makes me crave spring...and hate the cold blast we are getting right now!


Barb Bamber said...

I love your floral inspiration! I am now coveting that bag.. sooo pretty!! xx

Abigail said...

Gorgeous! There's so much joy in folk art (and that floral garland is beautiful).

ToothgrinProductions said...

These are all so incredible! Makes me want to make a room full of paper flowers...