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20 DIY - Landscape Pillows

Today I'm excited to introduce you to Mariah Golden Palmer of Everything Golden. Mariah is a creative wanderer in graphic design, photography and style and now a monthly contributor here at Poppytalk! Please help me welcome her and her first project with us, some beautiful landscape pillows.  ~Jan

What you'll need:
1. High resolution nature photos 2. Your photos printed on fabric via Spoonflower 3. Fabric for the back of the pillows and matching thread 5. Scissors and pins. 6. Buttons

1. Upload your high resolution photos to Spoonflower and choose the fat quarter (27" x 18") option. Keep in mind the size of pillow you want. My pillows are 16" x 16" and my images were 21" x 18" centered on the fat quarter. Always leave at least 1" extra fabric on all sides for seam allowance. 
2. Wash your fabric and iron out flat. 
3. Cut your printed fabric to size, depending on the size of your pillow inserts, leaving enough room for seam allowance. My initial cut was 18" x 18"
4. Cut two pieces of backing fabric, you want them to overlap about 1" and leave 1" seam allowance. My pieces were 11" x 18" each. 
5. Finish the ends of the backing fabric by folding under twice, iron flat and sew with matching thread. Sew a buttonhole on one side.

6. Put right sides of the fabric together and pin. Making sure the flap with the buttonhole is on the inside. Sew all four outside edges.
7. Turn right side out. Sew on your button and cover your pillow insert.

Stay tuned next month for DIY hand dyed shibori pillows, a great compliment to the landscapes!

Visit Mariah Golden Palmer at her blog, Everything Golden.


D Meylan said...

this is incredible! must give it a try. x

chloƩ said...

love this diy. thank you poppytalk.

Tina from A Few Pretty Things said...

Great! Exactly what I needed.

Lix Hewett said...

This is ridiculously useful to me - I've been looking and looking for affordable ways to make pillows (and clothing) with my photographs on it to sell on my Etsy shop, http://lixhewettphotography.etsy.com - and this tutorial is exactly what I needed! The results look great! Thank you so much for writing this up.

Meg Sylvia said...

Genius!! Wow I had no idea there was a service to get your own fabric printed. May definitely have to try this.

Courtneyvk said...

I love these! I really want to make my own fabric using spoonflower. Thanks for the inspiration!


Hena Tayeb said...

so pretty


Magdalena said...

This is great, making one for my sister to take with her to college. Thanks! Which fabric choice from Spoonflower did you choose to print on?

sweet harvest moon said...

Wonderful idea!

Julia said...

Mariah! You've done it again! I still haven't made your DIY died silks yet. I guess I'd better get busy . . .

Anna Black said...

Such a great idea, thanks for sharing, can't wait to try this out!


imfashionstoned said...

omg! this is lovely! what a great idea!

Igor Josifovic said...

This is beyond cool - I so love this idea! Now I feel inspired to snap a nice nature pic on my next getaway! Thanks for sharing!!

Monica @ mon makes things said...

I love these so much! Totally inspiring. :)
Thanks for sharing!!
mon makes things

Ilovecoffee Inthemorning said...

Great idea!!!

Arrowleaf said...

Beautiful pillows and lovely idea!

manou said...

love pillows! very cool idea!
me I do this http://society6.com/manou/reflect-VsY_Pillow

Lisa said...

Great idea! I'm always looking for new ways to display my photos around the house

Arianna Mcquillen said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cool and would give such a great vibe to any room. I love this since a lot of the bands and images I like don't make pillows. I'll have to give this a shot on a free weekend.


samster said...

I love this! I linked your post to my blog here: