Things I Love Thursdays

This week's installment seems to be a little bit of a throwback to basically everything.  From boy scout knots you can actually buy to an excellent interview with Kim Gordon (love her). Clockwise: 1963 Boy Scout Rope Knot Display Board, Driftwood Coat Hanger, Zachary Smith, Number One - Peach, Karen WalkerDave Forster, Kim Gordon Sounds Off, Portable Tube AM Radio

Are you joining in? If so, just leave a comment here and we'll add you to the list.  (Here's a few so far):

Here are some that participated last week: Apparantly, Eager Emily, Red Lovin' Pixie, The Shallow Brigade, Inconstant MoonSang the Birds

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

We adore the radio!

aliquo said...

Thanks for a great idea Jan! Joining in for the first time this week... here's the things I love this Thursday

Looking forward to seeing all the others too :o)

kari_breitigam said...

Great coat hanger. I've been wanting to diy something similar forever : )

Kim O said...

I loved that Kim Gordon piece. Such a great tribute to her. And your knot board reminds me of a new book on knots by Philippe Petit (the guy who walked the tightrope between the twin towers) I want to check out this weekend.

I posted again this week, too. (I think the link you included goes directly to last week's post.) Check it out!

Emily said...

Those glasses are amazing!

I just posted my Things I love Thursday!


Jan Halvarson said...

Kim O - thanks - I don't see the post yet - so just send me the link when it's up. Jan

Unknown said...

i love the shades!

also, not on thursday, but i do a post every tuesday where i show items i love based on a particular colour. if you'd like to see what i've done so, see here:

Kim O said...

Thanks, Jan! Somehow I left the title off the post.

permanent link for my blog:

this week's new things i love thursdays post:

leah // sang the bird said...

I am loving 'things i love thurdays'. i think i will make this a weekly regular. thanks jan for the inspiration xx

Amanda said...

The radio is amazing :D Does it work I wonder?