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This summer we have a new series here on the blog, we're calling "Best of DIYs". With so many amazing DIYs we have in the archive, we thought for the summer, we'd feature some of the most popular. After 8 years of blogging, so many of these posts get buried, and perhaps forgotten.  So for those that are new to Poppytalk and for those that may have missed or forgotten, we bring you the best.  First off, this amazing Print Your Own Fabric by Karina from Maple Ash and Oak.  Karina did this DIY for us back in 2011 and we love all the little tips and tricks she offers up to print onto fabric using things you may have around the house. One of our faves!!!  Check it out!

Hello there, I am Karina from Maple Ash and Oak. Here I will show you a simple and inexpensive way to create your very own fabric pieces. No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials. Most of the supplies are household items and the rest can be found at your local art or craft store.

What you will need:
*2-3 yards 1/4" Foam
*Fabric (for your prints and a cover cloth)
*Textile Inks (can be found at your local art store)
*Scotch Tape
*T-pins or Sewing Pins
*Plastic Folders or Tray
*Exact o Knife
*Contact Paper (transparent)
*Rubber Bands
*Stamps (optional)

Click here to get the rest of this Best of DIY.

Jan Halvarson


Alex said...

This is beautiful! I've had painting fabric on my craft To Do list forever. Great tutorial!

Emily said...

This would be a fun way to make a table runner or table cloth.


Anonymous said...

There is no link for details, I am afraid.

Unknown said...

This is a great post series idea. I am fairly new to your blog, so I would love to see more of these posts!

Unknown said...

No link for me either....sad face...

Jan Halvarson said...

Taryn - the link is there - what browser are you using?

Unknown said...

Hello, this link does not work in my Android, IE or Firefox - thanks!

Jan Halvarson said...

Do you mind specifying which link you are referring to?

Unknown said...

So sorry for taking so long to get back to this - I didn't see the reply - It's actually not showing up as a link - i.e. it is not blue or underlined or in any way distinguished from the rest of the text where it says at the end of the materials list "Click here to get the the rest of this Best of DIY" - I would assume the word "here" and/or the entire phrase would be in grey or blue or underlined or otherwise set apart from the regular text, but it is not; and there's nothing near that phrase that is "clickable"... I have used Dolphin and Silk browsers for the Kindle Kindle Fire, and SaMsung Galaxy 4's Android-based OS browser as well as Firefox and Chrome for Android. I have not checked it on a non-mobile browser, just phone and tablet, and nothing Apple/Mac made. I hope that helps and is enough information - feel free to send me an email if you need anything else... again so sorry for the time lapse; I can only imagine how frustrating this stiff can be... Oh, and the page that appears originates as a Pinterest post. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Oops forgot to click on"Email follow-up comments"... so commenting again...sorry!