DIY Camp Mug Candle

Hi all! Emily + Erick of Hello Home Shoppe here--we're so excited to share another DIY on Poppytalk! This time of year, we're looking forward to fall camping trips--huddled over a campfire with with a thermos of steaming mulled cider, wool blankets, and a good book, who says summer should have all the fun?

Inspired by our fall camping getaways, we fashioned up this Campfire-Scented Camp Mug Candle DIY so you can enjoy the nostalgic scent of a campfire all year round--no tent required!

You Will Need:

A camp mug--try a thrift store or outdoor shop
Candle wax--we like the soy variety
String (this will be your homemade wick)
Campfire fragrance oil


1.) Thread your string through the two holes of the button and make a knot. Pull taught and snip after measuring the height of your mug (cut an inch longer than you think you'll need).
2.) Melt a little bit of wax according to manufacturer's directions (we bought microwavable wax--it saves so much time). Dip the string and button into your wax to coat entirely. Once coated, lay it on a paper towel to dry a few minutes.
3.) Once dry, anchor your newly fashioned wick in the center of your mug--adhering the button to the mug with a little wax if need be. Wrap the excess wick around a pencil balanced on the lip of the mug.
4.) Melt the rest of your wax. Pour in a capful or two of fragrance oil and mix with hot wax. Pour the mixture into your camp mug and let dry a few hours.
5.) Once the wax is solidified, cut the wick.


Emily + Erick
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Jan Halvarson


Emily said...

This is such a cute idea!!! I never would have thought of this. I love that because there is a handle it would be easier to use.


Coco Cake Land said...

aww that is so cute! never knew making a candle was so simple. love the look of it in the camp mug.

Unknown said...

lovely post & DIY !!!

thanks for sharing !

Silvi from Barcelona

Alex said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

What an ingenious idea! Love this so much.

MasqueradeDiva3 said...

This is so creative and awesome! I must make this!

Unknown said...

I love simple how to steps for things like this! Thank you!

Reese Carrozzini Studio

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Now that I am back in the city I have been trying to bring the outside in any way I can.


Karen said...

What brand of wax did you use? I've tried this before but the wax always shrinks as it dries and comes loose from the mug.

Tawnya said...

what a great project! where would I find campfire fragrance oil? what brand did you use?

Dale said...

sweet idea

Unknown said...

Thank you for the brilliant and fabulously cute idea! I used it on my blog (with a link to yours)!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your brilliant and fabulously cute idea! I used it on my blog (with a link to yours)!

Unknown said...

This project is so amazing! Thank you for sharing. I have a whole list of people that will love this. Pinned!

Unknown said...

This is the cutest idea - cannot wait to give it a try!