Field Trip | Framing Prints (The Reveal)

Last week I dropped off a few prints to get framed at  Michael's (you can read about it here), and after picking them up over the weekend, it's now reveal time.   I love them so much!  I chose simple white wood and white metal frames. And because of their modern setting, I felt they didn't need matting.  I haven't had time to really think where to hang them —I'm a bit afraid to punch holes into E's beautiful drywall work.  So for now I lean them temporarily till we find the best place to hang them.  I want to hang the print from Janis Nicolay in our dining room, but since we don't have a table or credenza yet, I've placed it on a temporary shelf I built with a couple pieces of mdf we bought to build shelves for the laundry room.  And the other two that I had framed are screen prints by Australian artist, Kate Banzai.  I've placed them above the piano for now, but think they will be going in our hallway once we finish painting.  Let's take a look!

This post was sponsored by Michael's.  Visit for custom framing information and their new blog The Glue String for inspiration!

Jan Halvarson


Coco Cake Land said...

wow! never even considered Michael's for custom framing - i love Janis's photo! looks soooo nice! looks great, jan! (ps, does everyone in your house play piano?:) xo

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Lyndsay. I love how they turned out. And it depends on what you mean by play... but none of us at all accomplished.

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

I love that first shot! What a cool little space you have! :) That print by Janis is awesome!

Vintage Home said...

oh these look wonderful...I truly swoon over Janis's looks stunning leaning.