Sunday Reading | End of Summer Beds + Back to School DIYs

Shannon Clarke through Deny Designs

As we savour the last days of summer, crawling under something like this might somehow make the season last a little longer perhaps, yes? (Duvets from Deny Designs). Hope you're enjoying your long weekend —I'm sure many of you are gathering everything together for next week's first day of school.

Duvets from Deny Designs

Related: I did a major post on Back to School DIY's on Babble recently —25 in fact (it seems to me, especially this year there are a heap of high quality projects out there for back to school).  Check out my post HERE if you're interested. Happy Sunday!

25 Awesome Back to School DIYs

Jan Halvarson

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Tara @ Suburble said...

That pencil case (of the cat) - is fantastic! I want it! :)