These Pictures Prove You Don't Always Need a Photobooth Backdrop!

Sometimes less is more and these set of photobooth-style pics by photographer James Moes prove it. Loving these black and whites from the wedding of Lance & Vanessa featuring (the couple themselves directly below) along with their fun-loving friends just having a good time —and which looks to me like the photographer just had them all dance by. Fun moves and grooves make for a sweet collection of wedding memories! Check the rest out after the jump!

Vanessa & Lance, Photobooth
Palm Springs, CA
Photographer James Moes

Jan Halvarson


rosi w. said...

When preparing for our wedding and photobooth, we asked our photographer about props and a backdrop. They said they preferred photos without props. It encourages creativity and you end up with some really great photos, rather than 200 photos of your friends in silly hats.
It was true, and our photo booth photos are my favorites from the wedding.

Always Rooney said...

I agree... less IS more. Especially with Photo Booths, these seem more organic and fun.. they really show the personalities of the people!

Unknown said...

I really love these photos, as Rose said, this type of photography session really encourages creativity! Personally, I think I'd prefer a bit of both really. Some traditional with flowery backgrounds and other ones like these!


Estila said...

much more fun!!!

Just Judy said...

Just be quirky and have fun and no need to have a still pose! :)

Kimmy said...

These are so great. Love the simplicity.

Anonymous said...

That gif made my day!