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Guest DIY Post by Tracy Fillon of Dear Pony

I just completed this paper mache mobile for my friends hair salon. Her studio is a beautiful old space with high ceilings and windows, there’s a cute little nook in the store front window and she asked me to fill it. This was a fun project that you could do for your kids room, art studio, garden and it didn’t cost me more than $5, I had everything I needed around the house.

You will need:
cereal/cracker boxes (I had to source these out from my friends because I wanted to make about 20 triangles).
scissors, tape, ruler, yarn, newspaper, white paint, flour, salt, paint brush, white tissue paper, fabric bits, fishing line.

How to make it:
First cut up your boxes into triangles,  (I used several different sizes,  from 3″ to about 9″). I found it easiest if I cut all the flaps off the box, measured a line down the centre of the length then again down the centre of each half,  you can cut 3 triangles out pretty quick.

Once you have all the triangles you need-lay them down on the table then tape a piece of yarn or string in a loop at the top and make a knot in the loop first (it stays put better). It’s easier to do it this way, then just fold it up into your 3 dimensional triangle and tape it up.

Next comes the paper mache part.  There’s lots of you tube videos on this.  I used 1 part flour and 2 parts water  and a couple tbsp of salt (I didn’t cook it or anything).  I’ve used watered down glue before and I much prefer the flour.  I used a little paint brush to apply,  first wet the surface with flour/water, apply the paper and cover again with the flour & water mixture.    If you want to do more than  one layer, let dry in between.  After the triangles were completely dry I painted all surfaces with white paint.

I then screen printed images onto white tissue paper.  I know most of you don’t screen print so I tested out some fabric and it worked great.  You can also draw or paint  on tissue paper,  or any thing else that would work with collage.

Paint a thin layer of glue (you can also use the flour/water, I’m sure, but it looked slightly opaque so I used a glue that dries clear.)  Apply tissue, fabric or image you’d like and press on gently to your triangle,  smooth out the wrinkles and add a thin layer of glue over top.

That’s it.  I used the fishing line to hang it from the ceiling so it looks likes they’re floating.   This was fun,  I listened to New Wave music making and installing these little guys,  spring has sprung!

Tracey Fillon is the designer behind Dear Pony and lives and works in Nelson, B.C.

Visit her online:

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Kristin Fleming said...

What fun! The pattern you used for the triangles is amazing.

Hannah | Fox and Willow said...

This is such a fun idea, and it looks like even little kids could help!

rusty rat said...

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slet said...

Very cute and simple! :)