DIY | Self-Watering Garden Hose Pot

Today we're sharing a DIY from the new book "Handmade for the Garden, 75 Ingenious Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with DIY Tools, Pots, Supports, Embellishments, and More by Susan Guagliumi" from Abrams (STC Craft \ Melanie Falick Books). The book offers ideas using easy-to-find, inexpensive, and repurposed materials, and is a treasure trove of original projects that not only make planting and growing efficient but also add a personal touch to the gardenscape. Among the myriad projects in this book are mini hothouses; painted, stamped, and stenciled terracotta planters, plant markers to name a few. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get out on the patio this spring.

This project, a Self-Watering Garden Hose Pot, is a clever way to water larger flowers and offers up a unique aesthetic perfect for the backyard or patio. 

You Will Need:
75' (23m) of soaker hose for an average planter (16" - 20" in diameter and 6" - 10" high.
350-375 8" long plastic zip ties per 75'of hose
Flush Cutter
Awl or putty knife
4 large spring clamps (optional)

Click here to download the pdf file for the entire instructions.  The book is available through Abram's and Amazon

Jan Halvarson

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