DIY | 8 Marbling Adventures

We've been collecting marbling DIY's for a while now, meaning to try one of them out, but yet never getting to them. Aren't you loving marble right now? Here's a few really good ideas we've come across lately. Happy Tuesday!

1. DIY Marble Paper Artwork
by The Lovely Cupboard via The House that Lars Built

2. DIY Marble Envelopes

3. Adventures in Marbling (Part I)
by Elise Blaha 

4. Adventures in Marblizing (Part II)
by Elise Blaha via The House that Lars Built 

5. The Method of Marbling
by Martha Stewart

6. Marbling Works on Paper
via Lindsey McLaughlin via The House that Lars Built 

7. DIY Marble Trainers
by Fall for DIY

8. How to Marblize Using Nailpolish
by A Beautiful Mess

Jan Halvarson


Kellie said...

They all look so amazing!

The House That Lars Built said...

rad stuff huh?!

Jan Halvarson said...

The House That Lars Built
it is!


Love this!