Capree Kimball's Bathroom Makeover

What's black and white and brass all over? This beautiful bathroom makeover by Capree Kimball!  When we first spotted her reveal earlier this spring on instagram, we had to ask her if we could share some of those images here. 

First a little peek at the before:

And now the after!

Isn't it amazing? As you can see they kept the cast iron claw foot tub (of course) but wanted the floor to be a statement piece as well as adding brass as an accent throughout. Because the bathroom was small, they wanted a modern looking wall-mounted sink and ended up going with the Reve series by Kohler for both the sink and toilet. The result is a gorgeous, modern and dramatic bathroom that looks much larger and fresh.  Check out more images below. 

To find out more source info, etc., check out Capree's post about the reno here.  Thanks for sharing Capree!

Jan Halvarson


mimulus said...

I like the before as much as the after. So for me, the elephant in the room, is confronting our need for the new and consumption of resources on a finite planet in serious trouble. Live simply so others may simply live.

Dani said...

I am so in love with the floors. Looking for our new home, my husband and I have agreed that we love black & white floors for the kitchen and/or bathroom, and this is by far the most unique and beautiful one I've seen!

<3 dani

sarah nadine said...

g o r g e o u s ! !


melanie.sylvia said...

It looks gorgeous! But there is probably not enough storage space! Not for me at least. But I LOVE the fittings.

Kevin | Thou Swell said...

I absolutely love the details in this makeover! The black, white, and brass combo is fantastic and I'm crazy about that floor tile.

- Kevin

Jessica Nichols said...

Our new home has a clawfoot tub so I was very interested in the shower part of this makeover. It's stunning to look at. I am still wondering how it will feel to shower in a clawfoot tub with shower curtains all the way around. And the wooden shelf is beautiful but I can't see it staying that way with my entire family's toiletries on it. Ack!

Chatfield Court said...

Love it all!

Unknown said...

I like what you did with the ceiling. I never would think about black, but it looks great.

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen!!!