Weekend Project | DIY Outdoor (Heated!) Shower

This month, Erick and I have been working remotely from my family's tiny cabin the Adirondacks-- thanks to a trusty internet stick and some major hours clocked at the small town library. While our days are filled with our normal workload, it's nice to spend our weekends and evenings outside, listening to the birds and enjoying the quiet. 

Recently, we had the idea to create an outdoor shower for the camp since everywhere you go there's sap or pine needles cleaning to you, plus it just sounded like an amazing experience to rinse off outside after a day on the lake. The only problem was that most DIY outdoor showers are FREEZING since the water come from a spigot--not very relaxing!


In our version, we source the water from the sink faucet--which means warm water! Read below for how to DIY your own--it's surprisingly simple!
You'll Need:
-Two, 2"x4" pieces of wood, cut to 30" long each
-8, 3" nails
-Smooth stones
-Nearby tree
-Hose long enough to reach from kitchen window to the desired tree 
-Flexible shower head
-Adapters for hooking up hose to shower head. NOTE: this will vary based on size of your shower head, so make sure you bring the hose and shower head to the hardware store to make sure you're getting the correct size! For us, we needed: 1 dual male/female 3/4" garden hose adapter and 1 garden hose washer to hook up the hose to the shower head
-Adapter to connect sink to hose. For us this was: 1 garden hose male by 3/4" female pipe thread.

1.) First, we are going to make the drainage system where you stand when taking the shower. To do this, measure out 15" on each of your two pieces of 2x4s and mark with a pencil.
2.) Saw in them both in half where you made the mark (you can skip this step by having the hardware store cut them for you).
3.) Nail together two pieces of wood so that they form a 90" angle. Repeat on all sides so that you have the frame of a square. 
4.) Place the frame under the tree where you're setting up the shower and fill with smooth stones.

5.) It's time to connect your hose to the sink with the adapters you picked out at the hardware store. Also at this time, connect the shower head to the other end of the hose.
6.) Now that the hose is connected to the sink, guide the hose outside a window to the desired tree. Twist the rope up the tree until you get to desired branch. Depending on how much slack you have, you will have to wrap the hose a few times around the trunk to make sure it's taught.

7.) Now that the shower head is threaded to desired branch, secure it in place with a little piece of rope. 
8.) Turn on the sink to turn on the shower and enjoy!

Meet the Contributors
Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are blogging duo behind Hello Home Shoppe, a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY projects, recipes, and travel. When they're not blogging or working as 2/4 of the creative agency Jolly Bureau, they moonlight as locally sourced sandwich vendors in Philadelphia, PA.

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Carolyn said...

Great DIY! It's like those beach showers, except those are mostly cold...
Carolyn | BLOG

Estela said...

I love how you added the flowers next to the shampoo and sponge!!! Fun DIY!

sarah nadine said...

simple and practical ... my kind of diy!


Unknown said...

What a crazy idea. Good crazy I mean, I never would have thought of making it heated. Thanks for the DIY!


Caitlin said...

this is incredible. amazing work, as always!

Unknown said...

So much fun! Excellent idea. My favorite part is the rock basin for clean feet! Beautiful

Unknown said...

Really nicely done DIY, I think I will try making it myself!
Job well done, thanks!