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Whether you're in need of a last minute-gift or just want to save money and DIY presents this year, this Clay Eucalyptus soap is a quick and thoughtful gift for the holidays. This soap feels luxurious with french green clay--the clay used at spas to draw impurities from pores--and a sudsy lather, but at a price that won't break the bank. Bonus: the eucalyptus scent will relieve stress and even help with congestion--perfect for soothing holiday-related stress and winter colds.

You Will Need:
-.5lb Goat Milk Soap Base
-1 tsp. French Green Clay Powder
-1 tsp. Melted Coconut Oil (Optional)
-Eucalyptus Essential Oil
-Pieces of Eucalyptus Leaves

1. Measure .5 lbs of goats milk soap base in a glass measuring cup. Microwave in 30 second intervals until the soap is all all melted.
2. Mix in 1 tsp. of melted coconut oil, if desired.

3. Add in a five drops of eucalyptus essential oil and mix.

4. Stir in 1 tsp. french green clay powder.
5. Add in tiny pieces of eucalyptus leaves for exfoliation.

6. Pour into your mold and let harden for an hour or so. Enjoy!

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Erica Kelly said...

Well-styled and a simple recipe to follow. Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

Wow how cool is that. Love the photography

Tiffy Diamond said...

This looks so fun and perfect for me because I like my soaps natural! :D


SuzyMcQ said...

I love it too. Any chance you could provide us with some sources? The simple design on the soap is just perfect.

Anne-Marie said...

Clay is such a lovely addition to soaping. Cool soap design too =)

Ruchi Srivastava said...

Hi, can the french clay be replaced with fuller's earth? Will there be a difference i the outcome?