Movable Kitchens

We've always liked Europe's idea of movable kitchens.  Makes so much sense doesn't it? Like when you move, you just pack up your cabinets and take them with you to your new place.  An added bonus is, if you get tired of the look in your kitchen, you can just switch things around.  These adorable examples come from the January issue of Ideas Magazine (out of South Africa). Everything's on wheels making it easier to re-arange. Mixing old with new makes for a fresh look too, and note the pastels (lots of pastels popping up for spring).  Styling by Carin Smith, photos by Ed O'Riley for Ideas Magazine.

See more examples in the January '15 issue. And if you do pick up a copy (we got ours through, check out the adorable floral paper templates (samples below) that you can print out from their magazine and use to dress up your stationery world (make little boxes, cover journals, labels, and more). Or use for Valentines? So cute!

Jan Halvarson


Dani said...

This is such a great DIY idea too - a lot of these cabinets with butcher block counter tops could be easily made from thrifted or upcycled furniture!

<3 dani

Jen O said...

this portable kitchen on wheels idea is great with the exception of the sink plumbing--what do they attach it with, a garden hose?

Unknown said...

Love this idea - so cool for being able to mix it up a bit in a room that usually has to stay the same! x

kickpleat said...

I love these kitchens....especially the pink tones!! I'm a huge fan of vintage pieces and I've got a few in my kitchen that I will be taking with me if ever we move.

Unknown said...

Moveable kitchens are common in Germany too...but I never noticed them before. The eclectic look of the first photo is so homey.

Megan said...

i'm loving the pink cabinets!!