Samesies | Painterly Abstract Rectangles

It's funny how things like this happen, but just yesterday within a matter of minutes, it seems, we came across three or four like-minded patterns.  Not really a trend, perhaps a micro-trend, or just a matter of happy coincidence.  Let's call it "samesies" for now.  Painterly rectangles that are making us happy!  (Below) from A Beautiful Mess, a fun DIY of abstract pillows;  (below that) Ashley Goldberg, (below that) hand painted broken lines pattern (zippered pouch), Ikat (zippered pouch) and broken lines scarf all by Anna Joyce and lastly (bottom), a pretty backdrop from House That Lars Built and Meta Coleman.

Ashley Goldberg

Anna Joyce

Anna Joyce

Anna Joyce

House That Lars Built and Meta Coleman

Jan Halvarson

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