Be a Happier Camper | The Newly Launched HC1

LA-based Happier Camper began as a start-up venture renting new and restored vintage ultra-light trailers. Recently launched, their first production, a fiberglass ultra light travel trailer, the HC1™ is the result of a lifetime of enthusiasm and over five years of careful design; a unique trailer inspired by classic design but packed with modern functionality. With an interior modular system one can configure their own space in a snap. The trailer can sleep a family of 5, or haul a motorbike by reconfiguring the interior into hundreds of usable and comfortable layouts. Incredibly light at a 1100lbs dry weight, the HC1™ can easily be pulled with virtually any car. Rent or buy.

Visit for more info or visit their tumblr here.

Jan Halvarson


Oak & Oats said...

This is so cutE!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really have to have one!!! It looks really great!