DIY | Back to School Temporary Tattoo Printables

The second week of school is just a little bit harder it seems, yes? Everyone is now settled into their right classes, and it's a full day all week. To make the transition a little easier, we've created some fun printable school-themed tattoos to inspire all students (young and old) and those helping to get them out the door.  Add a little "RAD", "YAY!" or a fun typewriter tattoo to your day with these free printables!

How to:
Download the pdf file here.  Print out onto temporary tattoo paper (available at craft supply stores).  Follow the instructions from the tattoo paper. The one we used came in two pieces.  The tattoo paper, and then a sticky clear film that we had to apply after we printed onto it.  Cut out  each tattoo.  It's better to cut around the design as close as you can get to the design, so that when it's applied, you don't see a clear film around it.  Peel off the sticky film, press against the skin, and hold down with a damp cloth for 20-30 seconds.  Lift off the paper and poof! Instant tattoo!

Note: Printable will show in reverse. For personal use only
Art by Lisa Golightly

Happy back to school!

Jan Halvarson



So cute :)

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Creative Khadija - thanks!

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What I want to wear on my arm are the beautiful birds in the first photo !

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Di Ellis - will see if we can make that happen somehow.

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