DIY A Nature Mobile from Art Camp, 52 Art Adventures for Kids to Explore

If you're looking for a creative art book for kids this holiday season, might we suggest Susan Schwake's new book, Art Camp, 52 Art Adventures for Kids to Explore. For ages 5+, Art Camp is an easy-to-use collection of self-guided open-ended lessons for kids using simple materials. A great go-to book to slip into a suitcase for vacation or backpack for an overnight as a great alternative to screen time and for some great art-making fun! Perfect for gifting and ideal for the family library! Susan has let us share one of the projects here on the blog today! Let's take a look!

A Nature Mobile
Forget the kids! We love this mobile so much, we're going to give it a go ourselves over the holidays! (Instructions below):

 A Tiny Loom
This project using cardboard as a loom for example is a fun and inexpensive way to learn how to weave. The loom itself is made out of cardboard.

Nature Relief
Another project that could really be fun to make not only for kids, but adults alike.  Wall art anyone?

A fun project using liquid starch and watered down paints. Dipping paper into it to create beautiful cards or backgrounds for drawing!

And at the end of the book, Susan reserved a chapter on inspiration which includes real artists, like our friend Lisa Solomon and how she approaches her art.

Watch a mini video that pages through the entire book.

Art Camp is available through 

Jan Halvarson

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