9 Summer House Ideas Under $30K

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While summer draws nearer, dreams of having our very own cottage dance in our heads. But property is so unaffordable, especially around these parts. It's still nice to dream and maybe a tiny house cabin under $30K seems a little more obtainable. Here's 10 tiny house plans, ideas or kits to dream about.

1. The 20K Project
by Rural Studio
Price: $20,000

(Above and below). The 20k Project is an off-campus design-build program at Auburn University organized by Rural Studio . The program gives architecture students the opportunity to receive a more hands-on educational experience building affordable homes, assisting the poverty level population in West Alabama's Black Belt region. The students have found a way to make these at $14,000 and the balance is paid to the construction workers for building it. The black siding makes all the difference too.

2. The 20K Project (2)
by Rural Studio
Price: $20,000

Photo J. Ashley Photography

3. Muji Hut
by Muji
Price: $25,000

(Above and below).  Last fall Japanese retailer, Muji joined the tiny house trend introducing three new huts at Tokyo Design Week. Collaborating with architects and designers, Konstantin Gricic, Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa, the huts are examples of how designers and architects are reinventing the prefab house.

Muji Hut

4. Muji Hut (2)
by Muji
Price: $25,000

Muji Hut

5. DublDom
by BIO-Architects
Price: $13,200 to $41,600

(Above and below). A wood frame construction with open terrace, makes for the perfect summer home. Made by Russian firm, by BIO-Architects, the project can be mantled in less than 2 days.  More details on the project page at dubldom.ru.

6. American Freedom Off-the-Grid House
by Incredible Tiny Homes
Price: $20K

Complete with solar panels, this off-the-grid tiny house is super cozy. A more country style design with a rustic kitchen. Built using mostly reclaimed materials, this mobile micro home also is set up for wind power.  Read more at tinyhousetalk.com.

7.  Tiny House Build
by tinyhousebuild.com

A really well laid out floorplan for a tiny house for spaciousness and organization.  Lots of well-thought out storage and attractive nooks.  They even teach you how to make your own with a free 7 day online course.  Visit  tinyhousebuild.com for more info.

8.  Nomad Micro Home
by nomadmicrohomes.com
Price: $15K to $28K

Nomad Micro Homes are designed and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada and have add-ons including furniture and solar power panels to water generators.  An eco-conscious and easy-to-assemble home which includes a living area, bathroom, kitchen and loft sleeping area all integrated into a 10'x10' space.  They even have a duplex version. See more info at nomadmicrohomes.com.

9. The Tiny Project
by tiny-project.com
Price: $30K

A cozy loft-style build with lots of windows and storage solutiuons.  The house features a modern passive solar design and high-end stainless steel appliances including a 2 burner marine style propane range, propane on-demand hot water heater and compact combo washer/dryer unit.  Click here for more info and plans.

Jan Halvarson


Carolinelizabeth said...

I want to live in all of these!

eimear said...

this is an irish 25k house..... with free plans and details on the build - the architect built it himself and lives in it. http://www.dominicstevensarchitect.net/25k-house-prototype/

Unknown said...

Amazing places!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Elmear Greaney - Wow thanks - it's huge!