DIY | Easter Eggs Tropicale

We're going tropical this Easter with this set of banana and monstera decoupaged eggs.  We drew (leaves and bananas) for you to download and make these yourself (if you're inspired).  We painted them using craft paints (as we're not eating these), but add some real eggs to the mix if you like dyed in pastel colours to compliment the collection.  Check out below how we made them and to get the printables.


What You'll Need
1 dozen eggs (real, then boiled or blown or craft eggs)
Leaf printables (print off as many as you need) - click here for the download
Banana printables - click here for the download
Pastel Pink egg dye or craft paint
Pastel Blue egg dye or craft paint
Pastel Yellow egg dye or craft paint
Mod Podge
paint brush
container or paint palette (to hold the paint you're using)
xacto knife and xacto cutting board

Step 1
Paint the eggs.  We painted 4 in each of the colours (pink, blue and yellow).  Let dry.

Step 2
Cut out all of your pieces.  We cut the large pieces using a scissors as it was faster, then cut out the smaller pieces using an xacto knife. Set aside.

Step 3
Start to decoupage the leaves or bananas on the eggs one by one.  First paint some mod podge onto the surface (the size of the leaf or banana you will be gluing it to).  Then place the cut out leaf or banana onto the egg.  Then paint more mod podge over top of the cut out piece until completely covered, ensuring that the piece is flat and has no ripples or bubbles.  Turn the egg and add another piece on to get the desired effect you'd like.  Let dry.

Step 4
Go bananas!

Step 5
You're done! Yay!

Please note the printables are copyright material and are for personal use only.

Thank you!

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Love that tropical style!!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thank you Cintia!