Sleep in a Fjord | Wall Murals Larger Than Life

Wake up in a fjord, have tea in Iceland; these over-sized wallpapers aim to show a little love to large walls so they won't be left feeling so cold and lonely. Utilizing strong imagery and enormous dimensions, wallpaper murals can deliver a powerful punch into a home, especially if you're working with larger spaces like warehouse-style lofts or studios.  This collection is produced in the UK but can be ordered online anywhere in the world.  Each mural is custom-printed and sized to your exact wall dimensions. See See more at or check out the images below.

Jan Halvarson


Sol de Noche deco crochet said...


Joanne Amarisa said...

Never knew how much I could fall in love with wall murals until now! These are absolutely breathtaking, it certainly changes the interiors' look entirely. Xx

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B S SIMS said...

@Sol de Noche deco crochet You could actually create a mural from crochet - either geometric, in the style of Chuck Close, pixelated.