3 DIYs | A Rug, A Pouf +Duvet Set

When planning what projects we wanted to make for our Makeful E-Lesson Series that launched last month, there had always been a few projects that kept coming back to us.  First off, I had always had this fun idea to make a pouf using a cheap throw rug.  When I figured it all out, it became obvious this was a must share! It's so easy and if you're looking for a pouf, without the expense, this project should fit the bill.  Secondly, we came across some amazing faux fur at the fabric store that looked a lot like sheepskin.  We love this rug which seems to move from hanging over our piano bench when we need extra seating at the dinner table and has also become a favorite for our dog, Roy to use also.  And thirdly, block printing.  We thought it would be fun to make a simple block print duvet set for our bed. All three of these projects are simple enough to do and get done in an afternoon and are combined into one e-lesson on Makeful.

Let's take a closer look!

The sheepskin and pouf really turned out well.  We love having a pouf which ends up being moved around everywhere these days and the sheepskin makes for a nice place to land your feet in the morning. 

The duvet cover and pillowcases were really easy to make and we even include the monstera leaf as a free downloadable printable to make your own in the e-lesson.

Click HERE for our 3 DIY's for the bedroom or any room! And click HERE to see all of our e-lessons page on bemakeful.com.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

very cool picks (and pics)

Unknown said...

Love those Drawer/Shelves. What a great idea!

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Amazing projects