Back to School DIY | Printable Rainbow Notebooks

Nothing like a bunch of rainbow coloured notebooks to elevate your spirits for back-to-school.  And if you can make them all yourself, all the better!  To celebrate the new school year, we've designed a couple of free printables (a notebook cover and rainbow lined sheets) for you, our readers!  Each notebook also has a place where you can write the subject and date if you wish.  Check below for the links to the printables and instructions on how to make them! They're super-easy!  All you need is some paper and access to a printer.

You will need:
Rainbow coloured card stock
plain white paper
computer and inkjet printer
twine or large stapler
Printable PDF files:  Click HERE for the cover and HERE for the lined paper (2 files - 1 single lined, 1 double lined).
A bone folder (optional - but makes it easier if you're making a bunch)

To make:
Print out how ever many coloured covers you would like.  Then print out the lined pages (the number is up to you).  If you want the lined papers double-sided, print out on one side, then flip over and put the printed paper back into the printer and print onto the other side.  If you like, add in blank pages too for variety or if you would prefer a journal-style book for sketching.

Fold all pages in half and pull together with a cover on top.  Tie together at the centre page with bakers twine, or if you have one of those longer staplers, you could staple in the centre if you prefer.  And that's it!

Stay tuned for our video tutorial on how to make these paper flowers too soon!

Happy back-to-school!

Jan Halvarson


Alice Gibbs said...

These are so beautiful! I always end up spending a bomb on pretty notebooks for a new year at uni and this is a great idea :) Thank you for sharing!

Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

Jan Halvarson said...

Glad you like them Alice!

Cindy in Wisconsin said...

Thank you SO much for these wonderful notebooks! So clever and cute! I have a special weakness for color and for paper, so this is a win-win in my book. Bet my grandchildren would love these, too!