Best of DIY | Holiday Citrus Wreath

This post was originally posted a couple of years back by our then contributors,  Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are blogging duo behind Heidi's Bridge.  Since it was such a lovely project and perfect for the holiday season, we thought it was worth resurfacing.  See the how-to below.  ~J+E

Now that the days have gotten darker with winter settling in, we've been keeping a lot of citrus on hand to add a bit of sunshine to our routine. Not only does citrus brighten any meal, we also love to decorate with it during the holidays, too. In honor of our winter tradition, we wanted to create a festive citrus wreath that you can keep up even after the holidays. Read below for the tutorial.

You Will Need:
-Olive Branch Greenery
-Citrus (we used mandarin oranges and kumquats). Note: like all flower arrangements, fresh citrus is perishable and is meant to be enjoyed in the moment. If you would like to reuse wreath year after year, simple use fake citrus or detach/reattach fresh citrus every year (the olive branches will dry out beautifully and can be reused).
-Grapevine wreath
-Heavy gauge floral wire

1. Snip off some pieces of your olive branch to make approximately 6" long sprigs.

2. Tuck olive sprigs into the grapevine wreath to attach. Working clockwise, tuck sprigs into grapevine wreath until the entire wreath base is covered.

3. Once your wreath is entirely covered in olive sprigs, it's time to attach your citrus. First, thread heavy gauge floral wire through the middle of your citrus. Cut floral wire, leaving two 5 inch tails of wire on either side of citrus.

4. Postion citrus on wreath where you want to attach. Thread your two tails through the front of the wreath to the back.

5. Tightly twist two tails of wire together in the back to attach citrus to wreath. Repeat until other citrus is attached.


Jan Halvarson


Minty Frosting said...

I SO love this! Is it an accidental air freshener, as well??


Unknown said...

Love this post, that wreath looks amazing! I recently made a wreath on my blog but it looks nowhere near as good as this one :)

Rachael xx.