Equality Printable Pennants

Are you attending the Women's March on Washington this Saturday, January 21st/17? Or one of it's sister marches? Vancouver is holding one in support of it's issues and we are planning on attending in respect for the movement (and if we're being honest, we can't believe we still have to protest these sort of things). Yet, here we are.

Instead of a poster, we'll be carrying these pennants, and if you wish to carry one too, we're making them available here as printables.  Check out below for the files and a small assembly how-to.  Happy Women's March!

Women's March Printable Pennants
Below are the printable files for download:

EQUALITY  (white background only)
ÉGALITÉ (Equality in French)
FEMINIST (white background)
FEMINIST (black background) - note: uses more printer ink
FÉMINISTE ( Feminist in French - white background)
FÉMINISTE  (Feminist in French - black background)
SYMBOL (black background)
SYMBOL (white background)

To make:
Small dowels (ours are 12" long) or you could use chopsticks too if you don't have any
glue gun

Print out the pennants you like. Cut out and glue (we used a glue gun) to the small top parts of the dowels.  Please note all files are copyright to Poppytalk. Personal use only.

Jan Halvarson


Kathleen W. said...

Thank you!

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Thanks for stopping by Kathleen and taking the time to comment.

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Thank you!✊🏼💖