DIY IKEA Hack | Faux Terrazzo Table Top

This weekend I did a little makeover on our plain white LINNMON table that was looking a little worse for wear. With a few stains and scratches, it was time to either replace it or make it last a little longer with a cover up of some kind. Since we're really loving the terrazzo look lately (see previous post), I had the idea to cut out little pieces of marble and black contact paper to look like little broken up pieces of stone.

Faux Terrazzo Table Top
The hardest thing about this project is that it is a bit time consuming, in fact I still have a bit to finish on ours.  I love the result though, so the time invested I find worth it.

You will need:
1 roll of marble contact paper
1 roll of black contact paper

To make:
This project is super easy - hardly no explanation needed really. Just simply cut random shapes in the shape of rocks either with rounded corners or sharp edges and peel the backing off and place each one as you go, building a natural looking pattern.  And what's nice, because it's contact paper, you can remove it easily if you make a mistake.  Continue until you have the entire table top finished.  Depending on the size of the surface you are covering, this project can take an afternoon or a couple of days.

Jan Halvarson

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