Free Download | Vintage Pear Gift Wrap + Wallpaper

I came across some beautiful vintage pear illustrations last week and started playing around with making patterns out of them and thought they would make pretty gift wrap. So as a thank you to you, our readers,  I created them into a printable, along with a matching gingham wrap also.  There's some desktop wallpaper too if you're interested.   Links to downloads below.

Gift Wrap
Download pear gift wrap here.
Download the gingham gift wrap here.

Desktop Wallpaper
Download Pear Desktop (Version 1)  wallpaper here.

 Download Pear Desktop (Version 2) here.

Jan Halvarson


Stephanie said...

You are so talented. Thank you for the downloads. I have your magnolia printed on my bulletin board to enjoy all the time.

Jacqueline Elliott said...

These are so gorgeous! Thank you :)

Unknown said...

The way you pear (ed) the two papers together make the packaging so elegant!! I would stare at the paper for a while before I opened it.
Thanks for sharing!