Retro Radio Reno for Dinner By Design

Makeover and photo by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

Local furniture makeover maven, Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart just finished a sweet upgrade on a vintage radio (that we stumbled upon online), for the upcoming Dinner by Design 2017 event happening at the end of this week, here in Vancouver. Under the direction of Interior Designer, Kyla Ray and a group of emerging designers from VCAD‘s interior design program that Kyla's mentoring, the radio will be part of a display there (starting Thursday night) which features a cocktail bar and a video game lounge led by other designers. More info and details about the makeover and Dinner by Design below. 

Photo by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

We asked Nicole about the marvelous makeover.  Here's what she told us.

"The radio was sourced at a local thrift store as part of Kyla’s design plan. I wiped it clean, sanded it to remove the shine surface. The entire piece was masked off using painters tape, it was necessary to take extra time taping it off so paint wouldn’t get on any important parts of the radio. Then I primed it with Zinsser 123 spray primer, this is the best primer on the market, it locks in stains, smells and really helps the top coat adhere to the surface. After a few coats of primer I applied Florescent pink Rustoleum paint in several very thin layers, unfortunately this paint isn’t ideal for furniture, the paint itself is very thin so it takes a while to build up an opaque layer and the finish is very matte, but the colour worked with the design plan so I just went with it. I really didn’t like the final finish, so to achieve a smoother result I applied FAT Paint Wax very liberally and buffed it out, the final result is almost like eggshell paint. The legs were painted using Rustoleum matte black."

More about Dinner by Design 2017
When: November 16 and 17
Where: Harbour Event Centre –  750 Pacific Boulevard 
Price: Free public viewing | $75 cocktail art | $300 gala dinner – Tickets available via The Social Concierge

Visit Nicole Phillips online
Blog: Visual Heart
Instagram: @visualheart
Facebook: visualheartdesigns

Makeover and photo by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

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