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We're excited to announce starting this fall we are opening a new door here at Poppytalk, well, a new blog series actually, featuring a more holistic approach to health and wellness, and more specifically, Functional Nutrition when it comes to the food component of the blog.

I'm also excited to announce, to bring more credibility to this series, and in hopes of helping others alongside myself and family, I am currently studying for my Functional Nutrition Certified Practioner certificate. Functional Nutrition? After much research, I have come to the realization that Functional Medicine and Nutrition is truly the future when it comes to optimal health.  There is so much you can test these days from Vitamin D deficiencies to hormones, and with Functional Medicine and Nutrition at the forefront of this, I love the idea of being able to know exactly why or what is the root cause of chronic issues, as well as, how to obtain optimal health goals. By utilizing nutrition, supplementation and bio-hacking (eg; like important information on how to sleep well), and the knowledge also that everyone is different, I believe a customized strategy towards optimal health is so important.

After a few health challenges these past couple of years (mostly auto-immune related) for myself and other members of our family, I started a most interesting journey getting to the root cause of our issues, starting to really understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects all of us.

"I feel really compassionate about nutrition and wellness as a result, and,  so strongly so, that I feel compelled to share what I have learned and what I am continuously learning with you our readers".

This journey has taken me from a diet-pop, gum chewing, at-my-desk-all-day-blogging lifestyle, to an intermittent-fasting, mineral water-drinking, fat-adapting, not-at-my-desk-all-day healthier self. So if you've been noticing a few less posts this past while, this is where I have been.  Along the way I've been working towards a more healthier lifestyle, trimming down 30 pounds so far, and focusing on putting my auto-immune issues into remission, and living optimally as much as possible. Of course, it's impossible to eat clean perfectly, and one cannot always;  but if I can get my healthy eating and lifestyle to a point where at least 80% of the time I'm doing it, then I'll be happy.  And I do want to thank all who have been supporting me on this journey and while I've talked about it ad nauseum.

As mentioned, I'm not alone on this journey, some of my family is also along for the ride too (more blog posts on that later), but it's making me realize, we all are not alone, many of us are suffering also with chronic issues. And with that it mind, it can be scary sometimes, so I hope we can add to the conversation a bit, and continue to be more aware of what we are putting into our mouths, and how we are taking care of ourselves.

Not to worry though, we still love design and all it's many forms from interiors, DIYs, typography and beyond, and will still be bringing you more of that beautiful content, but gone are the days of sugar-coated, wheat and dairy-filled recipes and the very unhealthy SAD (Standard American Diet) here at Poppytalk. Be prepared for delicious whole/real food recipes I've come up with or adapted (some from my personal family's recipe vault - like homemade sauces and dressings, fermented concoctions, fat-burning treats and so much more).  I also will be sharing some of my favourite products I've come across to make this all happen (like water filtration, fermenting tools, glass containers, etc). With stories like, 1 out of 2 people expected to get cancer, there's so much to think of when it comes to health and avoiding toxicity, and I'm hoping to bring it all here, with the hopes of helping anyone who's interested get healthier and more knowledgeable.

So I hope you'll join us on this healthier journey, as we start to share some our favourite new recipes, products and healthy bio-hacks we happen upon as we go. 

Jan Halvarson

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