Brainstorming 101 With Colour!

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Planning for an event whether it's a trade show, company holiday party or family reunion, can be a real undertaking – especially when it comes to gathering everyone’s ideas. A brainstorming session can get the creative juices flowing while allowing everyone to feel included in the outcome. I've never left a session uninspired and if I'm being honest – secretly love doing them. I'm always surprised with what people come up with, even if the sessions only involve two people.

We're excited to be partnering with Scotch™ Brand on a few unique projects this fall and love how perfect the Post-it® Notes work when it comes to brainstorming. Of course, there are many ways one can generate ideas – see a few ways we like to brainstorm below.

1. The More the Merrier
When brainstorming – more is better. The more suggestions and thoughts you can articulate or share the better chance you have of creating an out of box idea! In this stage you should focus more on quantity and less on quality.

2. Colour Coded Columns
This method has always worked well for us when needing a little bit of organization. The Post-it® Notes work well as they help separate different categories, while making it beautiful at the same time.

3. No Judgements
Don’t be afraid to suggest the first thought that comes to mind when brainstorming. It’s important to turn off your filters and let your thoughts lead the way. No thought or suggestion should ever be criticized – welcome everything, even if it may seem a bit unusual.

4. Be Creative and Think Big
This flower layout has always been a fun way to help with creativity as it invites quantity and welcomes bright ideas. I like building it in bursts of gradual colour, starting in the centre with the main idea and expanding out from there.

5. Mix It Up and Be Playful
Don’t let your ideas become siloed. Brainstorming does not happen in an orderly fashion, feel free to be playful and go with the flow of things. The more creative thinking you share the more innovative your solution will be.

6. Inspire with Colour
Being the visual folks that we are, we suggest adding colour into the process to encourage creativity and ultimately inspire beautiful ideas! Post-it® Notes have a great selection of colours you can choose from.

Which tip is your favourite? Visit Scotch™ Brand's Inspiration That Sticks blog for more creative inspiration. and happy brainstorming!

Jan Halvarson

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