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Continuing on with our Small Business profiles, we turn to small business makers, the creatives. Today I'm honoured to feature designer and illustrator Jeannette Ordas of The Beautiful Project. Jeannette's illustrations have always spoken to me, they're fun, playful and the message always, relatable.  Some of you may remember her by her most delicious recipes she shared here on the blog a few years back as Everybody Loves Sandwiches. This lady has many talents, but today she wears her designer hat, and we couldn't be happier to feature her work. Let's take a look!

The Beautiful Project 

Address: Vancouver, BC 
Twitter: @kickpleat 
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Shop Description: 
Playful, Colourful, Fun – Paper goods with Personality! The Beautiful Project was started in 2007 by designer & illustrator Jeannette Ordas. She happily wears all the hats in this solo gig and has grown her line of cards into a collection of paper goods that reflects both the clever and the goofy. Sass served with a wink and a chuckle is our calling card! The Beautiful Project is known for its playful and colourful illustrated greeting cards, and reflects a love of mid-century design featuring bright colours, cute animals and an oddball sentiment or two thrown in for good measure. 

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The Beautiful Project 

Address: Vancouver, BC 
Twitter: @kickpleat 
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If you're just new to the blog this week, a feature during the holidays, and as a way of giving back this year, we are emphasizing the importance of supporting Small Business, and are running a series on small businesses we love from brick and mortar shops, online shops and studio makers. More than ever, it's so important, we feel, to support small businesses, as we navigate unprecedented times. Businesses are really feeling the effects of the pandemic, and so we ask you to consider checking out the shops we're featuring, along with local shops where you live. Many of them are opening up new webshops too, so be sure to follow their social media or sign up for their newsletters to keep abreast of what's happening.

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