Zodiac Gift Guide | Pisces


(February 19 - March 20)

Hello Pisces friends! (You know who you are). I'm thinking you might like a few good books, but I'll let you pick those up because, well, it's personal —so a gift card for that. But I do know you like to create, take care of some plants, and yes, I think you could use a good nights sleep.  So here's a few things on my wishlist for you!

1. Stoneware Hanging Planter, Steph Lidlle
2. She's Fash Poster, Indoor Cat Girl, Society6
3. Ikebana Unbound (Book), Old Faithful Shop
4. Olive Soap Block, Savon de Marseille, Old Faithful Shop
5. Tulip Organic Hand Cream, Nineteen Ten
6. Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask, Old Faithful Shop
7. Weighted Blanket, Cotton Napper, Bearaby
8. Damien Orange Glasses, Lexxola

Jan Halvarson

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