Zodiac Gift Guide | Virgo


(August 22 - September 22)

Hey Virgo! Knowledge keepers, organizer afficiondos, and home bodies too. Here are a few things we hope our Virgo friends will love!

1. Palm Leaf Fan, Nineteen Ten Home
2. The Historians, A novel by Cecilia Ekbäck, Indigo
3. Palmistry Ketchain, Nineteen Ten Home
4. Tune In/Drop Out Sandals, Ace Hotel
5. Crinkle Throw, Nineteen Ten Home
6. Locket with Spiral, MQuan Studio
7. Aromatherapy Diffuser, Vitruvi, Nineteen Ten Home
8. Striped Bamboo Turkish Towel, Nineteen Ten Home

Jan Halvarson

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