10+ New Things This Spring for IKEA Fans


It's only January I know, but here in the PNW, I can sense an energy and excitement of springtime from the fact that a heap of our spring blooms never went into dormant stage resulting in glimpses of Camellias and Rhododendrums and a warm welcome of the latest arrivals at IKEA to my inbox. Bringing with it, a lighter, fresher colour palette that hints a closeness to nature we miss in the winter months so much. And needing all the hope we can right now, IKEA fans should be inspired by a collection of clean lines with natural fibres like birch, bamboo and rattan for spring. All coming this February. Let's take a look!

1. SINARP/HASSLARP Kitchen Fronts
One thing I've always liked about IKEA's kitchen is the easy swap out one can make to the kitchen fronts. This new collection features dark wood in a mix of grained and chevron patterns. Various prices $55 - $123.

2. JÄSNING Proofing Basket
With all the bread and sourdough making that's been happening during lockdowns, this proofing basket offers support and structure to take loaves one step closer to pro. $14.99 CAD

Made from peeled rattan and bamboo in an eye-catching fishbone pattern, this limited-time-only tray would bring beauty to the everyday. $19.99 CAD

Loving the soft hues and contemporary graphic pattern in this jacquard-woven cotton. 

5. ALVSTARR Lampshade
An ultra-modern attention-grabbing wavy lampshade with a double-sided chrome finish. $39.99 CAD,

6. RÅDFRÅGA Decoration
Set of 3 playful eggs for storing the tiniest of treasures. $8.99 CAD.

High gloss surface reflects different colours from different angles, giving the vases a fresh, mother-of-pearl finish. $8.99-$11.99 CAD.

8. VAGTAG Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases
A Japanese-inspired bed linen referencing patterns seen on vintage kimonos. $29.99 CAD

More Japanese inspiration with this fan motif in a grey-turquoise hue like the sea. $7.99 CAD.

10. LEN/LENAST Baby's Bed Linen
A collection of cot-sized quilt covers and pillow cases that are both timeless and ageless with the option of a dot or crescent moon pattern in grey and white for a gender neutral nursery.

11. UNIDVIKA Baby Monitor
A baby monitor with two simple components (fixed and portable) that fits snuggly in a pocket as in the palm of a hand which can also be hung from it's rubber hoop. The built-in alert system notifies you right away if contact with the baby unit has been lost, while the talk-back button lets you speak to and comfort your baby from a distance. $29.99 CAD.

Jan Halvarson

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