DIY Driftwood Magnets


I'm honoured to kick off the new year with this adorable idea by our friend and local creative Miranda Hudson of Madera Goods. Miranda has been biding more time in Tofino these days (one of B.C.'s most beautiful shores) and I'm living vicariously through both her Instagram accounts @maderagoods and @hudsonny Winter beaches here in the PNW are well known for all the driftwood they accumulate each season and Miranda has collected some very special smaller pieces, bringing the outdoors in and at the same time keeping their New Year's focus displayed so beautifully on their fridge.  I loved this idea so much, so asked if she'd like to share it for our readers. 

What works for me visually is the different colours and sizes of driftwood, along with her typed notes. Miranda is one of the best visual people around I think. Her Instagram accounts are so beautifully edited, yet don't seem so pre-mediated (if you know what I mean). A must, must-follow!  Also near the end of this post, I've added a few pics of her very special small batch soy and cedar wooden wicked candles that she sells through her webshop, The scents are truly beautiful (I have one myself), and inspired by the outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest.  All photos by Miranda Hudson.

Check out the how Miranda made her magnets below.

DIY Driftwood Magnets

What you'll need:
—A collection of small pieces of driftwood (but you could use any smaller found piece of nature — like seashells, river rocks, bark, lichen, acorns, etc.)
—small round magnets (found at most craft stores)
—glue gun

How she made hers:
The how-to is pretty straightforward, using a glue gun and attaching each magnet to a piece of driftwood. The idea is so charming I think because half the fun would be the collecting in itself. So of course, the basics; making sure each piece is clean so that the glue will stick (no sand still attached, etc.), perhaps sanding edges a little if needed. So simple and easy, and such a beautiful way to greet the new year don't you think? Thank you Miranda! We love this so much! Check out all the beautiful how-to visuals below.

Visit Miranda and her webshop, Madera online:

Jan Halvarson

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