Lilla Norr | An A-Frame In the Woods


While we wait for travel to open up a bit more (especially cross-border), I'm sure like many of you, we've had plenty of time to dream and scout out places we'd eventually like to visit. One little gem I've uncovered as of late is Lilla Norr, ("Little North" in Swedish), a 1978 a-frame cabin located along the Snake River on 5 acres of woods in Brook Park, Minnesota. 

Completely restored this vacation rental which the owners open up when they aren't using it, is an extension of their vintage shop, Arlee Park, located in nearby Minneapolis. With a focus on sustainability, the a-frame's interior shares era-specific pieces in the space.

We love what they did, let's take a look!

For more info on this rental visit them online:

Jan Halvarson

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