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In collaboration with chefs from across North America, IKEA has created The ScrapsBook, a cookbook dedicated to cooking with the little things we usually throw away. Or, as they like to call it, “scrapcooking.” 

"Scrapcooking is about finding the beautiful possibilities in that banana peel, radish top, or even the chicken bones you’re about to toss, and make the most of everything available to you. It’s little things like these that can add up to make a big difference. "

I've always wondered what else I could make with broccoli stems besides soup, or what to do with all those crumbs at the bottom of a chip bag. The recipes are really well thought out and there's the added bonus that this type of cooking also helps us live a little more sustainably.

And the best part is that the cookbook is being offered up for free (as a download) to all IKEA Family members.  Let's take a look!

Bottom-Of-The-Bag Chip & Cheese Fritters
Love this idea using leftover tortilla chip crumbs, hazlenuts, green onion and parsley stems and wilted spinach.

Sweet & Scrappy Meatballs
Keep the leftover apple, carrot, beet and ginger pulp from your juicer to make these delicious sweet meatballs.

Whole Celery Salad
Make a faux tuna style salad using the scraps from your celery including the heart and stems, and a little dill pickle brine.

There are over 50 recipes in this book, including a chocolate cake that uses banana peels! For more info (if you're not an IKEA family member, and haven't found this in your inbox, click here). 

Jan Halvarson

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