Faux-Sure!10 Artificial Plants That'll Make You Look Twice


Would you dare?  I've never really been one for faux plants; in the past, they've seemed so obvious, so faux! But recently I've been seeing more and more of them pop up online and in stores and some of them I have to admit have been making me look twice. So maybe? If you're not a green thumb like I can sometimes be; I'm always hit or miss. Snake plants I can't seem to kill, but pileas? Unfortunately, yes.  So here's a few faux that caught my eye. Go Faux or No Faux?

1.  Faux Pilea Peperomioides

2.  Faux Calathea Medallion

3. Watermelon Peperomia


5. Faux Snake Plant

6.  Faux Calathea Orbifolia
The Sill

7.  Faux Rex Begonia

8. Preserved Fern Kokedama

9. Large Preserved Living Wall

10. Faux Orchid Phalaenopsis

Jan Halvarson

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