Collages + Once Upon a Lockdown


I am absolutely in love and inspired by these collages I spotted in the latest issue of South African-based craft magazine, Ideas. Four friends, (Liezl Van Schalkwyk @myheartdreaming, Lianne Smuts @studio_of_lianne, Anel Stricker-Bessinger @anelsb and Derika Volpi @derikavol), who equally have a passion for visual journals, planned 'a weekend get-together' via zoom during a hard lockdown this past year. The week prior to their 'weekend', the four each put together bits of inspiration from their daily lives to use as a starting point for their creations. The result of that weekend eventually made them decide to scan the journal pages and create a book that reflected something of their individual experiences during this unusual time. Inevitably, they wanted to share this experience with others in hopes that the idea might bring hope and inspire them to live a life of intentional joy and beauty. The book, Once Upon a Lockdown, is now a reality and available through their shared instagram account, @onceuponajournalpage. Perhaps this is a revival of the collage and visual journaling that swept the early days of blogging? I kind of hope so!  A few clips from Ideas magazine @/ideasmagazine below. Styling by Hannes  Koegelenberg @hanneskoegelenberg. Pssst! I purchased my digital copy of Ideas Magazine through Zinio

Jan Halvarson

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