22 Calendars + Planners for 2022

One of my favourite times of the year is fall, not only for the cooler weather and beautiful fall foliage, but it's also the time when all the stationers start sharing all of their beautiful calendars for the upcoming new year. There's something hopeful as beautiful new designs are revealed, to help push forward positive vibes for the future and new year ahead. And as tradition has it, here's a little round-up of a few that crossed our path this season.

1. Best Year Ever Wall Calendar
(above) by ban.do

2. 2022 Calendar & Planner

3. Flip Clock Calendar

4. Sugar Paper Gingham 2022

5. A Crafty One for 2022

6 Frankie 2022 Diary

7. Land and Sky Calendar
by 1Canoe2

8. National Parks Desk Calendar

9. Living in Nature

10. The Gratitude Journal

11. Marguerite 2022 Appointment Calendar

12. Weekly Undated Planner
by ban.do

13. 2022 Planner - Papaya

14. 2022 Calendar

15. Cook's Almanac 2022 Wall Calendar

16. 2022 Travel Calendar

17. Things Are Shockingly Possible
2022 Unsolicited Advice
by Adam J. Kurtz, Buy Olympia

18. Fringe Studio Birthday Calendar

19. Spectrum Wall Planner

20.  17-Month (2022) Planner (Wildwood)

21. Women Weekly Planner

22. 2022 Planners

Jan Halvarson

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