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2 9 Rad IKEA RAST Hacks

The IKEA RAST seems to be a popular pick for the DIY set.  The possibilities are rather endless and just recently we seemed to run into so many, we gathered them for a post.  From mid-century modern to even a Brownie Camera, here's nine rad makeovers worth bookmarking!

1.  The Box Camera Dresser
by Prodigal Pieces
How amazing is this paint job of a Brownie Camera? Get the how to here.

2. Slick + Modern
by Mid Western Girl
A slick modern version with some nice brass hardware.  Get the how-to here.

3. Traditional White
by Armelle
A clean white paint job makes for a nice traditional bedside table. Click here for more info.

4.  Mid-Century Modern + Bright
by Bliss at Home
We've mentioned this one here before, but can't be skipped! Love the yellow and white cut out in this makeover. Click here for more info.

5.  Weathered Grey DIY
by Live Love DIY
A pretty paint colour and hardware combination. Click here for the instructions.

6. Cool Woodgrain
by Livet Hemma
The faux wood of years past has stood the test of time with this project. Click here for more info.

7. French Farmhouse
by Serendipity Refined
Inspiration industrial-style.  Click here for more info.

8. A Decal DIY
by Petite Vintage Interiors
A clever idea using a decal kit.  More info here.

9. The Plank Look
by Cherished Bliss
A really cool way to get a faux plank look. Click here for the instructions.

Which is your favorite?
Click here for more IKEA hacks.


1 9 New + Cool Decorating Tricks from IKEA Stylists

A dream job would be to work in Almhult, Sweden and create beautiful vignettes all day yes?  IKEA's stylists have to be some of the best out there. Here's 9 new vignettes, each with a cool decorating trick to bookmark from IKEA's Livet Hemma blog.

1. DIY - CROWN Rorschach
Inspired by the mythical Rorschach test and framed in the smaller RIBBA frames. Pull out google translator for instructions. Click here for the project.

Anna L-B, Livet Hemma redaktionen Livet Hemma
2. Boho in the Kitchen
We like this set up using the FINTORP rail close to both the stove and sink . Nice for hanging kitchen favorites on and double nice for when they are so handy . Hang up photos and quotes for an easy boho feeling.  See more here.

Kristin Lagerqvist, Krickelin för Livet Hemma
3. Stool Becomes End Table
The new SINNERLIG podium, designed Isle Crawford, makes the perfect bedside table as seen in this sweet and feminine bedroom. Click here to take a closer look.

Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen
4. Cool Storage
The limited edition HEMSMAK collection opens infinite possibilities when it comes to organizing and storing. In addition to the kitchen and pantry, they are suitable for the creative studio also!

5. Curtain Rod Wall Hanging DIY
A vintage kimono becomes a nice decoration in this Japanese-inspired bedroom. Get the look with the SANNOLIKT curtain rod, and suspend a kimono. Click here for more info.

Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen
6. An Autumn Moodboard
Paint directly on the wall or as here on a door or desktop that acts as a message board for an autumn mood boar. Click here for the details.

Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen
7. Tea Towels Become Table Napkins
We love this scene for a late summer crayfish party.  The cool decorating trick though are those .69¢ white and red TEKLA tea towels, perfect for a set of table napkins for a small party.  Click here to see more.

8. Outdoor Carpet
Make picnicking outdoors super-lux by adding some plush carpet to the spread.  See more here.

9. Mix Old and New
Get ready for back to school with a fall palette, mixing old with new.  Click here to see more.

Anna L-B, Livet Hemma redaktionen


0 The Social Sessions | Growing A Following

Clockwise Top Left: Joy Cho, Tamara Taggart, Earl Einarson, Jan Halvarson, Jaime Derringer, Monika Hibbs

We don't talk about the business side of things often in this space, but if you're interested and would you like to hear about our journey on Pinterest and about our road to over 8 Million followers there we will be sharing our experience at a panel, 'Growing a Following' at Social Sessions at IDSwest this year in September.

We are excited to be partnering with the Interior Design Show West to bring this blogging and social media conference to our hometown, which is the perfect event, merging our love for everything design and home decor and how we share it online. Also, this is something we think has been long overdue here on the west coast of Canada!  We are thrilled to be telling our story (first time ever) to our local Vancouver audience! (A very rare occasion we might add).

Pinterest is still the number one referrer to our site (over and above all other social channels) and we will be talking about how we think you can improve your Pinterest along with other social media channels on our panel with three other successful social media panelists, Jaime Derringer of Design Milk , Tamara Taggart and Monika Hibbs. All have had successes on their social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, each with different perspectives from TV, fashion and art.

The conversational-style panel (moderated by Earl Einarson, Co-founder of Poppytalk and BCIT Instructor, Digital Design and Trends) should be a huge resource for anyone interested in growing their following online and on social media.  As the online landscape changes, so does the way we communicate there and adapting to those changes from our blogs to our social channels. This panel will address our experiences, our growth and how we have adapted to new platforms, from being early adopters (or late), what angles we have taken, what worked, what didn't, along with a question and answer period afterwards.

We had an amazing journey online throughout our ten years of blogging and one of the highlights was our following on Pinterest. It didn't happen overnight, there was a lot of hard work and dedication and love for what we do, but with that experience, we do have some valuable tips and tricks we learned along the way. As a result, collaborations were formed, such as our partnership with Target (Poppytalk for Target ) in the summer of 2014, and other opportunities with brands such as Martha Stewart, Roots Canada, Staples and 3M.

We invite you to join us at Social Sessions at IDSwest (at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre) on September 26th at IDSwest to hear about our journey along with our peers in what should be a fantastic event!

Our expert lineup includes top online, social media, blogging, television and technology industry leaders in North America including a Keynote from Joy Cho of Oh Joy (named one of Time Magazine's Most Influential People on the Internet this year) our panel on 'Growing a Following' and another panel looking at the 'Future of Tech' (what technology should you be focusing on) with panelists from Issuu (Jeremy Lacroix, Head of Product Design and User Experience), Hootsuite (Candice Charleton, North American Community Manager) and Latergramme (Destin Jones, Head of Community & Customer Experience) moderated by Earl Einarson, (Co-founder of Poppytalk and BCIT Instructor, Digital Design and Trends).

If you're interested in attending visit IDSwest's website at idswest.com/event-info/social-sessions to register or more info.  We think it's going to be a really informative day and hope to see you there!


1 Sneak Peek | September Issue Inside Out Magazine

Styling by Joseph Gardner and Danielle Selig. Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper. Floral styling by Myra Perez of My Violet.
Summer season may soon be ending, but thankfully we have the Southern Hemisphere and Inside Out Magazine to rely upon to bring new blooms our way for the upcoming season.  Managing Editor, Lee Tran Lam sends us a sneak peek and tells us about their September issue out Thursday!

"Our 'Spring Fling' story (above and directly below) is all about embracing the well-scented start to the new season – and so you'll find blossoms, petals and foliage spilling out of every corner of these pages! Styling by Joseph Gardner and Danielle Selig. Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper. Floral styling by Myra Perez of My Violet.

Styling by Joseph Gardner and Danielle Selig. Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper. Floral styling by Myra Perez of My Violet.
 In the home of Craig Miller-Randle (who runs MRD Home), there's no shortage of greenery either. In fact, he has an incredible plant wall (yes, literally!) and shows you how to recreate it in the magazine. (There's also a trick to making sure you don't have to stand on tiptoe to guarantee your watering can reaches the highest plants, too.) Styling by Deb McLean. Photography by Colin Doswell. 
Styling by Deb McLean. Photography by Colin Doswell.

Styling by Deb McLean. Photography by Colin Doswell.

Styling by Deb McLean. Photography by Colin Doswell.
 And our cover story is on the home of artist Megan Weston – which is as bright and vibrant as the freshest bouquet of flowers. From a denim chandelier by Moss Grotto to the palette-flirting rugs, every detail in this home is on pretty friendly terms with the vivid parts of the colour spectrum. Styling by Julia Green. Photography by Armelle Habib. "

Styling by Julia Green. Photography by Armelle Habib

Styling by Julia Green. Photography by Armelle Habib

Styling by Julia Green. Photography by Armelle Habib
Thank you Lee Tran - looks stunning! The September issue of Inside Out Magazine is out Thursday and is available at newsagents or digitally via Zinio, Google Play, iTunes & Nook


1 New Work | Permanent Press Editions - Edition No. 2

Founded in 2014 by Shana Faust and Alexa Mulvihill, Permanent Press Editions is dedicated to creating original photographs that are meticulously crafted and archivally printed in Brooklyn. After a successful run on their Edition No. 1 (a tribute to ordinary objects), this week they launched Edition No.  2, Pressed Flowers, merging two of their passions—books and botanicals: a tendril, a petal, a page, a branch paired with an endpaper, a book jacket in full flower. Each image is a celebration of form and texture capturing nature’s shifting beauty—fixed in the moment, in reflection, at a glance, in shadow. Let's take a look!

Follow Permanent Press Editions online:

Site: permanentpresseditions.com
Facebook: Permanent Press Editions
Instagram: @permanent_press_editions